Beach and Property Rules

Destiny By The Sea is a Private Exclusive Beach.

Please use these beach rules for a guideline so all owners and guests alike can enjoy the Emerald Coast.

Owners and rental guests must be on the premises when outside guests request admittance to the property.

Protect our sand dunes and stop TRESPASSING! Use the community beach walkovers only. No parking of vehicles or golf carts by the beach walk overs.

All owners, guests, renters and tenants of non-gulf front property may set up chairs at the water’s edge. If a gulf front home owner is using their home during your stay, and would like their privacy we need to respect their right and move away from their area allowing them to enjoy their backyard.

A gulf front lot includes all land up to the mean high water line (wet sand). The homeowner has the right to ask you relocate if the owner is in residence.

Tents, tarps, canopies and personal umbrellas are PROHIBITTED! This includes baby tents.

Keep your music down so your beach neighbors can also enjoy their music.

Volleyball nets and corn hole boards should be placed in the backyard of the home you are renting. If you are NOT renting gulf front, you will need to set up the equipment near the community access points without blocking other patrons. When throwing balls and Frisbees, be aware of others around you, there is no reason anyone should be worried about being hit by a ball or Frisbee while enjoying the beach.

Dogs are not permitted on our beach. This is an Okaloosa county ordinance No. 77-19.

Bonfires are illegal on the beach. Okaloosa county ordinance 79-41.

Protect the sea turtles, fill in all holes when finished for the day.

Use the trash receptacles located at various points on our beach.

Alcohol is permitted, underage drinking is not tolerable.

Our beach is like having an aquarium at your feet, glass is not allowed on our beach.

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